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The key player in the IT and cybersecurity market in Switzerland

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Optimize, secure and manage your IT with confidence

Expertise and comprehensive service to boost the performance and security of your infrastructures, whether on premise or in the cloud. Access the best IT talent and benefit from the most advantageous hardware and software offers.

Study cases

eyra group's achievements

banque privée suisse
Private bank (101 to 250 employees) - Geneva

Outsourcing & IT Managed Services : Network & Telecom Management

Improved banking operations and internal communication through optimised network and telecom management for a more robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Un bureau de société
Start-up (50-101 employees) - Geneva


Carrying out pentests to identify and correct vulnerabilities, thereby strengthening the institution's cybersecurity in line with its specific needs.

Un bureau de société
Public sector (+5000 employees) - Confidential Canton


Selecting and recruiting first-class IT talent, aligned with the company's specific technical and cultural requirements.

cabine dentaire
Dental clinic (201 to 500 employees) - Vaud


Carrying out a full cybersecurity audit to identify potential vulnerabilities, propose corrective measures and strengthen the facility's security.

Un bureau de société
Public sector (+5000 employees) - Confidential Canton


Provision of IT equipment tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, to improve operational efficiency.

Un bureau de société
Construction company (100-200 employees) - Vaud


Implementation and management of an Azure infrastructure, offering public cloud solutions tailored to the company's specific needs.

Un bureau de société
Finance company (51 to 200 employees) - Geneva


Implementation of an MDR service for proactive detection, in-depth analysis and rapid response to incidents as part of our SOC 2.0 service.

Un bureau de société
Insurance company (50-200 employees) - Neuchâtel

DEVELOPER placements

Provision of qualified developers to strengthen in-house teams, meeting the company's precise technical requirements and projects.

batiment comprenant entreprise de luxe
Luxury brand and watchmaking (11 to 50 employees) - Canton of Neuchâtel


Assistance in selecting and acquiring the best hardware and software solutions to meet the customer's specific needs.

cabinet medical
Medical centre (101 to 250 employees) - Vaud

Data hosting: EYRA Swiss private cloud hosting

We have secured medical data and ensure patient confidentiality by means of private hosting solutions in Switzerland, specific to the medical sector.

Un bureau de société
Digital strategy and communication company (1001 to 5000 employees) - Geneva

IT Consulting & Support: iso 27001 and 27701 certification

Our customer obtains certification through our standards compliance support service.

établissement scolaire salle de classe
Higher education institution (251 to 500 employees) - Vaud


Implementation of collaborative environments and solutions to encourage collaboration between administrative staff, thereby improving the school's efficiency.

Compagnie de jets privés
Aviation company private flights (51 to 200 employees) - Geneva

IT audit to improve operational efficiency

Our advice helped our client to optimise its IT service, resulting in an organisation that fully met its expectations.

Compagnie de jets privés
Economic development agency (251-500 employees) - Geneva


Installation and integration of the EYRASign solution to facilitate secure and efficient electronic signature processes, in line with the company's needs.

manufacture suisse
Manufacturing and industrial company (51 to 100 employees) - Neuchâtel


Optimising the management of material resources and equipment to improve business productivity and reduce operating costs.

architecture dessin
Architectural firm (101 to 200 employees) - Vaud

IT Consulting & Support for IT compliance

Assistance with the compliance of information systems and administrative processes to guarantee the protection of citizens' data and improve the efficiency of public services.

architecture dessin
Dental clinic (251 to 500 employees) - Vaud


Faced with the daunting challenges of deploying Microsoft 365 licences in volume, we provided the solutions needed to meet this challenge.

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Services & Solutions

Complete and customised IT solutions for your business

Our partners

Solid partnerships with the best technologies, platforms and manufacturers on the market

IT Services & Solutions

Optimise and manage your IT infrastructure.

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Cloud & DAta

Hosting and data protection.

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Secure your company.

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Technology Provider

Supply of IT equipment and software.

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A trustworthy group

Why should you work with EYRA?

By choosing EYRA, you trust a privileged partner to help you achieve your technological and IT objectives in Switzerland.

A 360° approach

Our complete IT offer allows us to support you in all aspects of your IT.

customised solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Highly specialised expertise

Benefit from unrivalled expertise from our leading companies in every area of IT.

Advanced technology partnerships

Access a vast network of strategic partners for new opportunities and better terms.

client satisfaction

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, see our reviews.
Work with EYRA

High quality resources

Offices in Switzerland

- Geneva
- Lausanne
- Neuchâtel
- Zürich


- Geneva, Urban Type, Tier 3+
- Former Swiss Army Bunker, Tier 4

Cyber Security Centre - SOC 2.0

Efficient for the supervision of the security of our clients' information systems.


Made up of EYRA IT experts who manage our customers' IT operations.

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EYRA Group expertise

The expertise we put at your service

Bank & Finance

With many years of experience working with banking and finance players, EYRA Group is able to provide effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. We are the ideal partner to accompany companies in their digital transformation in complete security.

Watchmaking & LUXURY

A leader in IT, cloud and cybersecurity with proven expertise in the luxury and watchmaking industries. We are able to provide effective and customised solutions to meet the specific needs of clients in this sector.

Education & training centre

Through our experience, we are able to provide effective and innovative technology solutions to help educational institutions meet the challenges of distance learning, cyber security and data management.

Health & medical industries

With many years of experience in the healthcare and medical industries, we are able to provide effective solutions tailored to our clients' needs. We are proud to contribute to the digital transformation of the healthcare industry by providing superior services.

Manufacturing & industrial

With our years of experience in the manufacturing and industrial sector. We guide your industry through digital transformation to increase efficiency and profitability while ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

public sector

With years of proven experience in the public sector. Our expertise allows us to offer innovative and effective solutions to help you meet the most complex challenges related to digital transformation and data security.


We work with senior management to define the overall IT strategy and security governance. We ensure that our solutions align with the company's strategic objectives and contribute to its growth and resilience.

IT Manager

We work closely with IT managers to plan, implement and manage IT projects. Our technical expertise and knowledge of market best practice ensures the efficiency and performance of IT infrastructures and services.

Head of Infrastructure

We help infrastructure managers design, deploy and maintain robust and scalable IT infrastructures. We offer solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs, taking into account technical, budgetary and regulatory constraints.

Small business less than 49 employees

Our expertise allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for small businesses. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that are right for them, both in terms of cost and functionality.

Medium-sized company with 50-249 employees

We offer a range of consulting and implementation services to help medium-sized businesses optimise their IT infrastructure, improve security, effectively manage their data and adopt cloud solutions to improve agility and productivity.

Large company with 249 or more employees

Our expertise can help large companies meet the complex challenges of the digital age. With a team of highly skilled professionals, EYRA helps companies navigate the ever-changing technology environments and achieve their growth and innovation goals.

Public organisation

We are a partner of choice for public sector organisations looking to modernise their IT infrastructure, secure their data and improve the efficiency of their processes.

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