Hosting and data protection service

Hosting, collaborative environments and data management

EYRA Cloud supports Swiss companies in their cloud services, hosting and data protection projects. We also support you in the associated cloud services, which allow companies to migrate, store and manage their data securely and efficiently.

Make your data management infallible

Our accommodation centres

Ensure Swiss sovereignty and availability of your data

Our data centres are sovereign and Tier 4 certified, the highest level of certification. This guarantees 99.995% availability of your data and applications at all times.


Tier 3+ datacenter in Geneva

The Tier 3+ urban datacenter in Geneva is a highly secure and reliable datacenter, offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and optimal availability to meet the most stringent performance and continuity requirements.


Tier 4 Datacenter in the swiss alps

Built in a former military bunker, it is one of the only accommodation centres in Switzerland with a 'zero risk' concept, offering maximum protection and optimal security in an impenetrable underground.

Why you should work with EYRA Cloud ?

Cloud implementation is a challenge for Swiss-based companies

The cloud is revolutionising the way businesses store and manage their data. However, the complexity of different platforms and technologies can be overwhelming for businesses, making it difficult to find the right solutions for their specific needs, and risking falling behind in their market.

That's why we offer comprehensive cloud services to meet all your deployment, storage, management and data protection needs.

Work with EYRA

Efficient migration to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud can be complex, but with our support service we can help companies avoid costly mistakes and easily migrate to the most suitable solution.

Flexible solutions

We offer solutions tailored to your needs to give you the flexibility to manage your data and cloud infrastructure in an optimal way.

Guaranteed security of your data

We offer Swiss private, public or hybrid cloud hosting, highly effective data security solutions and secure remote access to ensure your sensitive data is protected.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service experts

Our experts meet your needs in terms of migration, optimisation and technical support.

Business continuity guaranteed

We ensure the high availability of your environments and data wherever you are, at any time.

Our partners

Technologies and platforms we work with

We have strategic partnerships with leading cloud, security and infrastructure providers, enabling us to offer our customers superior solutions to meet their specific needs.

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End-to-end support

At EYRA Cloud, we offer end-to-end support to help you manage your data efficiently and securely, from the design of the cloud architecture to the implementation of the solution and its continuous support.

We begin by understanding your needs and objectives to deliver a customised solution that perfectly meets your expectations. Our approach ensures that you receive a comprehensive and consistent service, with effective project management and regular communication to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

it professional

High level of expertise

At EYRA Cloud, we have a team of highly skilled experts in a wide range of areas such as security, infrastructure, storage management and data protection.

We keep ourselves informed of the latest trends and best practices in cloud, security and infrastructure to provide our customers with the most innovative and effective solutions.

Your EYRA Cloud contact point

at EYRA, discuss your needs only with experienced professionals

Pascal Gaio

Pascal Gaio

EYRA Cloud Director

Outsourcing & Managed Services | IT Consulting & Support | Secure hosting


Frequently asked questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us for personal assistance on +41 (0)58 310 00 42.

What kind of cloud services do you offer ?

We offer Swiss private cloud hosting services, Azure and AWS hosting, hybrid private/public cloud hosting services, collaborative work solutions, cloud migration services, cloud consulting services, data security solutions and much more.

what standards are involved, for which you ensure compliance ?

We help companies meet regulatory compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

How can EYRA Cloud help companies migrate to the cloud ?

Cloud migration can be a complex task for companies, but EYRA Cloud can offer consulting services to help companies migrate to private or public clouds like Azure or AWS. This can help companies avoid costly mistakes when migrating to the cloud.

How does EYRA Cloud ensure business continuity for its clients ?

At EYRA Cloud, we ensure the high availability of your environments and data, wherever you are and whenever you want. This ensures business continuity and allows you to work with confidence, even in the event of a natural disaster or major incident.